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Selasa, 16 Juli 2013 - 17:22:28 WIB

Take a picture with Head of STAIN

In June 2013, a volunteer came to STAIN Kudus for the third time,  her name is Myrthe Seitsma. She comes from Netherlands. Different from previous volunteer, her arrival was for volunteering at STAIN for a month. At this time, she shared about her experience as a volunteer in Malang before. This 22 years old lady told that she was very impressed with educational system at STAIN Kudus.



Take part into “Dharma Wanita Persatuan”forum

In Dharma Wanita Persatuan forum, Myrthe is given an opportunity to introduce Dutch culture. The audiences were very interested paying attention to her presentation. It was new experience for them to know Netherlands more. The most memorable one is trying Dutch-style steak dishes. The ingredients of the steak are meat, beans, carrot, and potatoes with  sauce.


Discussion with lecturers of STAIN Kudus

Having discussion with STAIN Kudus Lecturers and Language Practicum lecturers, Myrthe compared between Dutch and Indonesian culture. For examples,  a Dutchman is always on time. They do not know about “jam karet”. They do not  know about “basa basi”. However she was impressed with sociability of Indonesian people.
Some lecturers and Language Practicum lecturers asked about social condition and religions in Netherlands. “We rarely find a housekeeper”, said Myrthe. The main religion in the Netherland are Catholic and Protestant. There are also some questions about the role of gender in the Netherland.
Besides, she told about “Tempe”, one of her favorite food in Indonesia. The main foods of the Dutchman are cheese and bread. Sometimes they eat rice, especially at night.

Discussion with “Pusat Studi Gender”

Many activities had done at STAIN Kudus. She had discussion with Pusat Studi Gender. Contrary to the freedom of the Dutch which are more prominent, Dutch women's involvement in public space is very limited. Although she is a Catholic, she understands well about the meaning of tolerance. In STAIN Kudus areas, she wore hijab, although sometimes she removed it. She tried to use her right hand in eating although she did not do it in Netherlands. So good!

Take a picture with students of STAIN Kudus

The students practiced their English in some language classes with Myrthe. They took a picture with her after the class. Music Student Activity Unit also practiced music with  Myrthe,  She  is  good at playing keyboard. She toured with them during at Kudus. Firstly, they visited Kretek Museum and then to Menara Kudus.

                                                                   Kudus, 9stJuly 2013
                                                                   Language Center of STAIN Kudus



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